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Shoe Sizing Help

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Shoe Sizing Help | Finding the right shoes for babies and children is often a struggle. Especially when they outgrow everything in the blink of an eye! However, for your kids’ safety and comfort, their shoes should always be the correct size and fit for their feet.

How to measure foot length correctly:

Please remove your child’s shoes and let your child take a few steps in socks. For best results, measure in the afternoon or evening, as feet may swell slightly throughout the day.

  • Then place a piece of paper on a wall and place your child so that the heel touches the wall. Make sure your child stands firmly. The socks should not be too tight to give the toes the necessary leeway.

  • Mark the foot length with a pencil in front of the longest toe. Make sure that the pen is always held vertically or at a right angle to the paper, otherwise the dimensions will be falsified. Then repeat the process with the other foot.

  • Measure the distance from the bottom of the sheet (on the wall side) and the drawn line.

  • Once you know your body measurements, consult the Size Chart below and on the product pages for actual item measurements to determine which size you should purchase:

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Size (CN)Insole LengthRecommended AgeEUUKUSASuitable For
2113.5 CM/5.3″15-18 Months22.55.56.5Toddler
2214 CM/5.5″18-24 Months2367Toddler
2314.5 CM/5.7″2-2.5 Years2478Toddler
2415 CM/5.9″2.5-3 Years257.58.5Toddler
2515.5 CM/6.1″3-3.5 Years2689Toddler
2616 CM/6.3″3.5-4 Years26.58.59.5Little Kids
2716.5 CM/6.5″4-4.5 Years27910Little Kids
2817 CM/6.7″4.5-5 Years281011Little Kids
2917.5 CM/6.9″5-5.5 Years28.510.511.5Little Kids
3018 CM/7.1″5.5-6 Years291112Little Kids

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